Meet-Up Méthodes de travail collaboratif 3.0 : les intermédiaires pour faciliter la conception innovante

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14 avril 2016 | 19h30 | La Paillasse

Ce Meetup est ouvert à tou(te)s. Inscrivez-vous ici !

Les Intervenants

Olga Kokshagina.jpg

Olga Kokshagina

Chercheuse à Mines ParisTech
Open innovation & technology management
Spécialiste des capacités d’innovation radicale

Yohann Sitruk.jpg

Yohann Sitruk

Chercheur à Mines ParisTech
Open innovation & open source
Création collaborative autour des communautés scientifiques

3 Questions à...

Collaborating online to solve problems  : is it a myth or reality ?

Often innovation contests are mostly competition based : one winner takes all. Yet there exist more and more cases where the competition is not relevant. The ultimate goal of participants is to learn, to explore together & collaborate and create together …"it was a how-far-can-we-push-this-proof question, very well suited to a group of people…reaching an understanding of the arguments that allowed them to improve the bound significantly".

In the latter, the role of community, organizational team and tools to ensure that visibility are crucial.

Wisdom of a crowd or organized collective exploration ? How tools can help ?

Given a variety of technics and tools available nowadays, is it possible to effectively organize community online? We argue that boundary organizations can be set to enable multiple goals and ensure that mutual interests of all participants are covered. Once the rules for collaboration are set and they are transparent for all the actors, crowds can collectively share their expertise and build on the expertise of others; create synergies. We suggest that open tools like wiki to document your work could be set for these purposes.